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100pcs Alcohol Swab Alcohol Pad Antibacterial Cleanser Cleaning Sterilization

RM 6.30
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100% Safe
Eco- friendly
Skin Friendly
Approved product
Suitable for Skin
Suitable for Cleaning Sterilization
Individual Sealed Pack
Healthy Lifestyle

Brand new, factory sealed and never opened.
Suitable for skin cleaning prior to subcutaneous injections and the taking of capillary blood samples.
Direction: Cleaning required The area, Discard after single use.
Suitable for cleaning or sterilization any tools or food ware.

An alcohol swab is a gauze pad that has been saturated with alcohol. It is an important part of any first aid kit, as it helps to clean and disinfect cuts and scrapes. These swabs are also used in doctor’s offices, at shot clinics and any other place where quick, easy cleaning of an area is needed. The alcohol helps to rid the skin and other surfaces of potential sources of infection. High-quality swabs are available from many sources. These are the type used by nurses to clean an area right before giving an injection, or to clean a wound, clear out pus or for any similar procedure. The swabs come prepackaged in small, foil pouches, ensuring the alcohol doesn’t evaporate and the alcohol swab is ready for use when it is needed. The packaged is ripped open, the swab is removed and used, and then both the package and the alcohol swab are discarded


Box Contain: 100 sheets in one box, each sheet, outside: 50mm X 50mm, inside:35 mm x 35 mm

Material: Made by non woven material (viscose, polyester) saturated with isopropyl alcohol 70%

Storage Period: 3 Years (All our Alcohol Pad are sell within ½ year from the manufacturer date)

Package Include: 100pcs of Alcohol Pads (In 1 Box)


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