Big Bro's Strong Firme (Strong) Hold Pomade with Castor Oil 120g

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What is Pomade

Pomade is a hairstyling product that offers users a lasting hold and a healthy shine. Typically made with lanolin, beeswax and/or petroleum, pomade cleans up your luscious locks and holds them in place all day long. There’s a variety of pomades out there formulated for different hair types and hairstyles.

Our Pomade

Made to create The Pompadour. A look that never goes out of style. It won’t budge an inch, too, thanks to our Pomade’s perfect hold that keeps your timeless crown in place for all to envy.

What specific on Big Bro's Pomade

  • Water based pomade
  • strong firme hold
  • with castor oil to prevent hair loss and protect hair care
  • easy rinse, no blockage on hair follicles

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