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DHC Vitamin B- Mix 120 soft gel 60-Day Supply

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Product Name : DHC Vitamin B- Mix  120 soft gel 60-Day Supply

Origin : Japan

Ingredients : Vitamin B1 40mg Vitamin B2 30mg,Vitamin B3 30mg , Vitamin B12 20mg,Vitamin B6 30mg, folid acid and etc(please refer on packing)

Expiry Date : 2021 April ( Product updated by batch)

Function : Improve hair growth & skin repair ,improve metabolism and  digestive system.

How to Use :  Take 2 soft gel each day,either in morning or night,can be taking after meal or before meal.


* Suggestion take 2 soft gel by daily ,could be take 1 soft gel in morning & night,avoid over dosage

* if you are sensitive on Vitamin B ,please avoid taking this product

* avoid products direct exposed under sun

 * if you are pregnancy, breast feeding please consult with your doctor before taking this product.