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Dualgen 10% Hair Regrowth Treatment 1 month supply

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What Is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is the leading hair loss product available and the first drug to be approved for this purpose. Over several decades of use it has proved itself effective on millions of men and women at reversing hair loss which resulted from pattern baldness. Minoxidil have been available since the 1990s and treatment is surprisingly affordable, meaning that no matter what your financial circumstances there is no reason to simply accept pattern baldness as a fact of life.

What the special on Dualgen ?

DualGen-10 has Minoxidil 10% with Azelaic Acid 5%, which has a good balance between hair regrowth and convenience. This product is also called DualGen-10 with PG because it has propylene glycol. The amount of minoxidil in this product is 2 times of that in Rogaine foam or Rogaine extra strength topical solution. In addition, a natural DHT blocker,Azelaic Acid , is added to this product. Do not use ualGen-10 if you are known to be allergic to propylene glycol. It is recommended to use this product twice daily with at least 8 hours apart between the two applications. Alternatively, this product can be used in conjunction with a lower strength minoxidil solution (such as, DualGen-5, or EssenGen-5). In this case, you will use DualGen-10 once daily and the lower strength minoxidil solution once daily as well. The two applications should be at least eight hours apart.In addition ,this product isnt just contain minoxidil & glycol, it do contains with Minoxidil: 10% , Azelaic acid: 5% , ABN complexTM: 0.8% , Retinol:0.025% & Caffeine: 0.001%.

Overall, Dualgen 10% is a 2nd generation, new minoxidil formula with much effective& efficient effect compared with kirklang & rogaine minoxidil.

What‘s Inside ?

1 bottles x  Dualgen 10% hair regrowth treatment 

1 dropper  & 1 Spray Head

How to Use?

Recommend apply on topical/front line head (For Hair Regrowth) or Chin (For Beard) twice(2 time) in a day after shower,per time usage is 1 ml, dropper 1 time equally 1 ml & sprinkler head 3 time equally 1 ml and slowly massage 5 minutes.

Do Not Use If :

  • You Are A Woman
  • Amount Of Hair Is Different Than Specified (See Pics)
  • No Family History Of Hair Loss
  • Hair Loss Is Sudden Or Patchy
  • You Don't Know The Reason For Your Hair Loss
  • Under 18 Years Of Age
  • Scalp Is Red, Inflamed, Infected, Irritated Or Painful
  • Use Other Medicines For Scalp