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Australia Import - Eucalyptus Essential oil 10ml

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Product Name : Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml

CAS No : 8000-48-4

*This product is well packing,sealed with 10 ml essential oil without any label.

*This Essential oil produced by Cold Press Method

Eucalyptus mainly grown in Australia, Australia Aboriginal widely using eucalyptus for anti-inflammatory or recovery on scar, surprisingly eucalyptus work very well , in addition, its help on stable emotion.

If using eucalyptus essential oil massage it help on reduced oily skin and clean skin addition, if you feel tired, you can add on Lavender 3 drop & chamomile 2 drop to relief skin tiredness.

Further you could using eucalyptus essential oil for aroma it help to purifying air , if you need to focusing & balancing mind you could add on tea tree essential oil as well (eucalyptus 3 drop + tea tree 2 drop) . 

Oh, Another small secret to tell ,if you looking to reduce acne problem, you could put 2 drop eucalyptus on mask or make up cotton with ice water(or cooling mask), you will see a good result. :) 

This product expiry date is 2 year, if you open sealed please avoid product exploit under sun or on high temperatures place.