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Folicare MINOXY Volumizing Hair Tonic 60ml

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FOLICARE MINOXY HAIR TONIC Ultimate Hair Loss Treatment Tonic 

The breakthrough hair treatment for healthier, thicker and stronger hair growth.

Grow thicker, fuller hair with our KKM approved topical Tonic with 5 effect

  1. Clinically proven to increase hair growth
  2. Treats hair loss and hair thinning
  3. Applied topically twice per day
  4. Results within 4-6 months of consistent us
  5. Can increase hair growth by up to 35%

6 reasons start using MINOXY® in your hair growth regime, 

  1. Preventing Hairloss & Open Hair follicle
  2. Hair strength and support 
  3. Nourish hair follicles 
  4. Stimulate hair follicles
  5. Optimised Hair cycle 
  6. Accelerate new hair growth 

Suitable for:

a) Men and women with diffuse hair, overall hair thinning.

b) Individual that did not respond well to standard leave-in treatments.

c) If you are experiencing some form of alopecia.

d) If you have problem with oily/ flaky scalp concern.


Clinically formulated with primary actives:

  1. MINOXY- the latest innovative TOCOPHERYL ACETATE discovery that studies had shown to recover weak follicle cells by supplying the nutrition that hair needs for growth and increases the volume of hair in growth stage by working at the deep structure of the roots. Helps in combat hair loss due to premature exhaustion of the hair roots. 
  2. NIACINAMIDE- used to increase the volume of hair specifically the hair that is in the growth stage. It works to improve the structure of hair roots & is also revered for its ability to soften collagen which improves the hair & roots for stronger healthier hair. Known to increase hair growth & thickness as well as preventing premature aging, it has been used to help treat Alopecia.
  3. BIOTIN- a highly effective VITAMIN that keeps your scalp healthy, It is also great for flaky/ dandruff issues, preventing sebum build up leading to acne, inflammation.
  4. CAFFEINE - plays important role in hair tissue growth and repair. It also helps keep the oil glands around the hair follicles working properly. 

Formulated to be Ultra-lightweight, emollient base for efficient penetration into hair follicles.  

How to use Folicare Minoxy Hair Tonic

Drop a few pump or as needed twice daily to clean and dry scalp. Massage into scalp thoroughly. A leave on topical treatment. Do not wash hair or scalp after application. 


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