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Pillbox Kanpai Ukon Liver Protection Hangover cures 解酒丸 5s

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Product Name : Pillbox Kanpai Ukon Liver Hangover cures 5's

Origin : Japan

Ingredients : Tumeric , Black Peper extract, artichoke extract, broccoli extract & oyster extract ( details please refer on product packing )

Expiry Date : 2020 March ( Product updated by batch)

Function : hangover cures , reduce drunk level , improve liver function.

How to Use :  Take 1 capsule before drinking.


* Suggestion take 1 soft gel by daily ,before meal or after meal ,avoid over dosage

* if you are sensitive on any ingredient above ,please avoid taking this product

* avoid products direct exposed under sun

 * if you are pregnancy, breast feeding please consult with your doctor before taking this product.