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US Import - Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

RM 28.00 RM 39.00

Product is made from US

Olive Oil is excellent skin moisturizer particularly for dry and mature skin (or to prevent skin from becoming dry and delay maturing!). It moisture and nourish skin cells while providing strong antioxidants help repairing and renewing skin from damages overexposure to sun, air pollution and etc. It stimulate cells and improves skin to firmer, smoother and  healthier state. 

The Olive Oil also makes skin shine and glow. 

*This product is well packing sealed by plastic bottle with paper box & without any label.

Key Features For Skin:
1. Antioxidant Protection
2. Prevents fine lines and wrinkles
3. Firming skin
5. Moisturizes while don’t clog skin pores
6. Renew & glowing skin
7. Minimizes stretch marks
8. Soften skin
9. Nourish acne prone skin
10. Relieve inflammatory and dryness
11. Shrink pores

Key Feature For Hair:
1. Stops dandruff
2. Stops hair fall
3. Shines hair

Key Features For Nail:
1. Moisture dull and brittle nails
2. Soften cuticles
3. Treats finger wrinkles
4. Strengthen nails

Key Features For Others:
1. Improves chapped lips