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Glycerine - Vegetable Plant (VG) 99.5% USP Grade Kosher 500g

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This Glycerine is Vegetable plant based, is edible and Halal

Made in Malaysia 

Features of the product

  • Pharmaceutical grade compliant (USP) & certified Kosher passover

  • 100% vegetable local source

  • Common food uses: Humectant, solvent, preservative, sweetener, thickener

  • Common non-food uses: E-cigarettes, skin-care, hair-care, soaps, inks, coatings and paints

*Product based on batch to batch, product on selling with at least 1 year & 6 month expiry date, buy with 0 worry.

*This product is well packing sealed by plastic bottle with paper box & without any label.

Our products are derived from 100% vegetable source. The purity of the product meets the pharmaceutical standards (<99.5%).

Glycerine is colorless, odorless and is slightly sweet. The chemical is commonly used in food and pharmaceuticals to act as a solvent, humectant, sweetener & thickener. Since VG already has a slightly sweet taste, it makes fruit liquids taste sweeter and dessert juices taste a bit more delectable.

IUPAC: Propane-1,2,3-triol. 

INCI: Glycerine HS Code: 2905450000

*Often people in the industry get confused over the term glycerine, glycerin or glycerol. There is no chemical difference between them. All three names refer to the same compound as the IUPAC.

Usage of our glycerine

1. Food and Beverages

 In foods and beverages, glycerine functions as a humectant, solvent, sweetener, and preservative.  It acts as a solvent for flavors and food colors in soft drinks and confections and as a humectant and softening agent in candy, cakes, and casings for meats and cheese.

2. Pharmaceutical 

Glycerine is one of the most widely used ingredients in drugs and pharmaceuticals. It functions as a solvent, moistener, humectant, and bodying agent in tinctures, elixirs, ointments, and Capsules for medicinal use are plasticized with glycerin.

3. Cosmetics and Toiletries 

Glycerine is widely used in cosmetics and other toiletry applications, being virtually nontoxic, non-irritating, and odorless. It functions as a humectant, vehicle. and emollient.  

4. Tobacco/ E-Juice

 A glycerine content of about 3% keeps tobacco moist and soft to prevent breaking and crumbling during processing and to ensure freshness in packaged cigarettes and other tobacco products. It also adds flavor to chewing and pipe tobaccos.