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UK Import - Rose Essential Oil 100ml

RM 178.00 RM 280.00

Product Name : Rose Essential Oil

CAS NO : 8007-01-0

*This product is well packing,sealed with 100 ml essential oil with plastic bottle (plastic inner dropper)without any label. 

*This Essential Oil produced by Cold Press Method.

*This product is using plastic bottle contained essential oil for prevent fragile problem occur during delivery.

Rose is the world most famous & functional essential oil,because of the rose fragrance,rose essential oil is the "queen of essential oil". it can improve female internal secretion, protection uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea (period Pain) & Improve menopausal discomfort as well. beside of it, rose essential oil is effective for skin care, it can whitening(reduce melanin), recovery dry skin ,firming & moisturizing skin ,rose essential is a suitable feminine essential oil. 

If using rose essential oil for massage, it suitable for all skin.,especially effective on dry skin,sensitive skin or aging skin as well, essential oil it have anti-bacteria, purification, antispasmodic,anti aging, and induce o estrus function.

in other hand, if using rose essential oil for aroma, it can help to calm emotion, especially when you feel sad or any negative emotional, meanwhile, it can help to reduce stress,insomnia,romance and improve confidence as well

Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place.
Store below 20 Celcius
Store in a fully & tightly sealed container.
Store the container in dark area.
Keep away from any source of ignition or fire.

Rose essential oil expiry date is 2 year, please avoid this product exploited under sun or high temperature place and keep away to children.