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Australia Import - Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

RM 12.80 RM 32.00

Product Name : Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

CAS No : 68647 - 73 - 4

*This product is well packing,sealed with 10 ml essential oil without any label. 

*This Essential oil produced by Cold Press Method

Tea tree is well known effectively help on skin problem such as reduce acne problems, shrink & tighten pores, oil control and refreshing your skin. basically tea tree essential oil is suitable for all skin type 

This tea tree essential oil is suitable use for massage & aroma, if use in massage it will essential help balancing skin condition, or use it on aroma  can reduced rheum & rhinitis ,even natural disinfectant & air refresher. another small tips for you,tea tree can be add 5-6 drop during you bathing, it help on balancing sensitive skin.

Regarding how to using on tea tree essential oil , if you are using it for massage before make sure cleaning first and apply 2-4 drop essential oil and slowly massage around 5-10 minutes. if used for aroma,just drop 3-4 aromatherapy steaming pot.

This product expiry date is 2 year, if open sealed please avoid exploit under sun or high temperatures place.