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New Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Liquid Solution packaging Revised 2022

New Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Liquid Solution packaging Revised 2022

We would like to informed our customer some recent changes the manufacturer of Kirkland Liquid Minoxidil has made to the product.  We can confirm we are starting to see these changes in 2022 batches we have received which are dated with an expiration date of 02/2023.  While these changes are routine and minor and do not effect functionality or price,there is few change in the package & bottle as below

proven 3_副本_副本.png

proven 4_副本.png

1.Kirkland new production plant located at USA and ocassional use israel production as back up. Canada previously used as back up production will likely no longer be used in 2022. Therefore, in 2022 Customer will primarily received USA made products.

proven 2_副本_副本.png

2. As per US packaging rule, product distributed in US is Made in US, the product does not have "made of country origin" unless product are made outside of US, Therefore customer receive distributed in USA which mean is made in US ,and customer will not receive any stock "made in Israel/Canada,however Israel still as back up production ,customer might receive made in israel but this is very rare.



3. the production change have change the liquid become slightly alcohol odor(very light),from clear liquid become with light yellow tinted liquid



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